Can I attend a Raiders game?

Can I attend a Raiders game?

The Raiders have stated that no fans would attend home games in Las Vegas during their initial season. We have taken the painful decision, after extensive consultation with healthcare experts, state and community leaders, to hold the Las Vegas Raiders' debut season at Allegiant Stadium without fans in attendance in 2020. This is due to the risk of spreading COVID-19 within an enclosed stadium setting with limited health resources available. Given the likelihood of more severe illness among those with underlying medical conditions, this decision was not taken lightly.

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Where do the Raiders play their home games?

The franchise is set to begin playing home games as the Las Vegas Raiders for the 2020 National Football League (NFL) season, however the Raiders might relocate to and begin playing home games at Sam Boyd Stadium in Paradise, Nevada for the 2019 season. If the Raiders do move to Las Vegas, this would be their first season playing home games at the stadium.

Raiders home games will be played at Oracle Arena, which is located within walking distance of the Hollywood Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. The arena opened in 1996 and has been the home court of the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA since 2002. It also hosts various other events including concerts, awards shows, and college basketball games.

The Oakland Coliseum is the current home of the Raiders and has been since 1972 when they moved from Los Angeles. The Coliseum is a multi-purpose stadium in Oakland, California. It is the oldest NFL venue still in use today and has been called "the world's most famous jai alai fronton" by Sports Illustrated. The site of the new stadium will be known as Jack Hammett Plaza Stadium & Slots after the former owner of the team who donated $10 million to help build it.

The Raiders played their first game at Kezar Stadium in Berkeley on September 11, 1946, where they lost 7-0 to Chicago.

Are there still Raiders games in Las Vegas?

On August 27, a gathering of Las Vegas Raiders supporters gathered outside Allegiant Stadium. Hotels and other businesses may still benefit from the Raiders' eight home games. Tourism soared by almost 370,000 visits between June and July after COVID-19 restrictions were relaxed, indicating that fans may still go. The city has also seen a rise in parking fees, suggesting that some people may be skipping games to avoid costs.

There is no evidence that any current or former player is infected with the virus but doctors have warned that older players might not be as resistant to it as younger people. A number of them have died and their families have claimed negligence on part of the team's management.

Raiders owner Mark Davis said last month that he was "disturbed" by the number of deaths among former players and promised to pay $1 million to anyone who can provide evidence that one of his employees is responsible for these men dying. He has also pledged $100,000 towards medical research into COVID-19 and its effects on athletes.

Las Vegas was originally supposed to become Oakland's new home when the Raiders moved to Los Angeles after the 1994 season. But after voters rejected funding for a new stadium three times, the team remained in Oakland using a facility built for the NFL's Rams before they moved to Los Angeles.

When do the Raiders move?

Yes, the Raiders are still set to relocate to Las Vegas in 2020 and play their home games at Allegiant Stadium, a 1.75 million-square-foot facility under construction just off the Vegas strip. The deal with the city was announced on March 6, 2014.

The stadium will be the primary home of the NFL's Vegas Raiders and MLS's Las Vegas Lights FC. It is expected to open in August 2019. The $750 million project is being developed by MGM Resorts International (GMMB).

Allegiant Stadium has a capacity of 65,000 people and will be the largest venue in the league when it opens. It will also be the most expensive, costing $350 million to build. Its location is convenient for tourists visiting Vegas and close to the major tourist attractions like the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas.

The deal with the city was announced on March 6, 2014 and was signed two months later on May 5th. The Raiders will pay $750 million to move from Oakland to Las Vegas. The deal includes the purchase of land for the new stadium and other business investments that will generate additional revenue. According to the contract, if the Raiders fail to meet certain attendance thresholds, the city can exercise its right to buy out the remaining years of the lease.

Will the Raiders ever move back to Oakland?

The club returned to Oakland in 1995, but it is currently preparing to relocate for the third time. The Raiders relocated to Las Vegas in March 2017, and will play at the brand-new $1.84 billion Allegiant Stadium beginning in 2020.

Before they moved to Los Angeles, the Raiders had previously played in Oakland from 1972 to 1994. After failing to find a suitable site in California, owner Al Davis finally decided to look outside of the state for new opportunities. He was looking at cities in Mexico before he found Las Vegas interested in bringing them in. The deal fell through because there were complications with the location of some major sports teams already there and problems with financing.

In 1995, the Raiders returned to Oakland for what turned out to be their last season there. Despite finishing with an 8-8 record, they lost in the first round of the NFL playoffs to Denver. The following year, after filing for bankruptcy, former player Eddie DeBartolo Jr. bought the team from its creditors for $67 million.

Since then, the Raiders have had three different owners. The latest one came when the previous owner, Mark Davis, died in October 2016 at age 42 after suffering from cancer. His death left his brother, Jerry Jones, who owns the Dallas Cowboys, as well as other members of the family owning shares in the team.

Are Raiders season tickets sold out?

According to the Athletic, the Raiders have already sold out of all 2020 season tickets. There are several causes for the Raiders' current level of enthusiasm, and not all of them have anything to do with the team's relocation to Las Vegas (though that is a major one). Some of the others include:

A new stadium will be built in Oakland by the name of Allegiant Stadium. The project has been met with resistance from some community members who believe it will have a negative impact on crime and urban decay in the area.

The Oakland Raiders currently play at Coliseum, which they shared with the Oakland Athletics until last year when the A's moved to a new ballpark of their own in Fremont. The Raiders plan to move to Las Vegas in 2020 when the new stadium is complete. They won't be playing there until then because of any potential legal challenges to their use of "Raiders" in their name.

Given all this, it isn't surprising that everyone wants tickets now more than ever before. If you were thinking about getting a ticket package for the Raiders next season, now would be the time to do it. There aren't any further developments with regard to ticket packages being offered for sale at this point.

Season tickets will remain on sale through the end of 2019 as well as online sales for individual games.

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