Can Ace beat Aokiji?

Can Ace beat Aokiji?

Ace may have held his footing against Aokiji at Marineford, particularly by melting the latter's pheasant beak, but that doesn't imply he (Ace) would have been able to beat him (Aokiji). Aokiji is still an Admiral-level opponent, was an Admiral once, and is leagues above Ace. Even if we assume that Ace improved greatly over time (which there is no real evidence for), it still wouldn't have been enough to defeat Aokiji.

There were also two other Admiraals present at the battle of Marineford: Ginryuu and Gudeneyuu. Neither of them are listed as being beaten by Ace, but they both clearly respected him so much that they gave him their own swords after he lost his own. If anything, this shows that even an Admiral-level fighter like Ace could still have a hard time defeating Aokiji.

In conclusion, yes, Ace can beat Aokiji. However, it wasn't because he was an amazing fighter, but because Aokiji was too weak willed. If Aokiji had been willing to listen to reason instead of trying to fight to the death with Ace, then he would have been defeated easily. As it stands, he was only able to resist for as long as he did because he thought he could win regardless of how many wounds he took from Ace's attacks.

Is Ace stronger than Zoro?

Ace possesses inferior haki, inferior speed, inferior offensive, and inferior defensive accomplishments. Zoro is far superior to Ace. Based only on his accomplishments thus far (a 50-60% serious Zoro), this is a difficult match for him. Even with these disadvantages, though, he has already proven himself to be a worthy opponent.

Zoro is the strongest of the three Urahachi siblings. He is also the most mature and responsible of the group. Unlike his brother who spends most of his time fighting off invaders from another world, Zoro attends school every day where he meets up with his friends. It is there that he learns about the latest events in the world while having fun at the same time. He is very diligent when it comes to his studies and always tries his best to improve himself.

When it comes to fightings, Zoro is a force to be reckoned with. He is extremely skilled in using both hands and feet as weapons which makes him a tough opponent to beat even with your limited skills. Also, since he focuses mostly on hand-to-hand combat, he is at an advantage if you don't know how to use a weapon properly. Finally, he has been trained from a young age in martial arts so he is sure to receive training whenever there's a need for reinforcements from the other side.

What is an ace in combat?

A flying ace, fighter ace, or air ace is a military pilot who has shot down five or more enemy planes in aerial battle. The precise number of aerial wins necessary to formally qualify as an ace varies, although five or more are typically regarded to be essential. Some countries have different standards for what constitutes an "ace" because they don't want their best pilots lost when their opponents can afford replacements. For example, in the United States, pilots who shoot down four or more aircraft are considered aces.

The term comes from the French word ailete, which means "with one wing". This refers to the fact that once a pilot has shot down his fifth plane, he has gone beyond being able to fight from the plane with only one side capable of movement. Instead, he must fly with one wing permanently affixed to his plane while the other flies the plane into safe territory where it can be repaired or replaced.

Who were some famous flying aces?

Luftwaffe fighter pilot Adolf Hitler was one of the most successful flying aces of all time with 87 confirmed victories. He also played an important role in the development of air warfare and aviation as a whole. After graduating school at age 17, he spent three years serving in the Bavarian Army's artillery before being allowed to try his hand at flying.

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