Are Darkstar boards any good?

Are Darkstar boards any good?

Darkstar Skateboards: How excellent are they? The majority of skateboarders feel that Darkstar is an excellent brand that provides high-quality decks and completes for beginner to intermediate-level skaters with 1-2 years of expertise. Some experts believe that Darkstar creates some of the best quality skateboards available on the market today.

There's a reason why everyone from O'Neill to Paul Revere produces skateboards under the name "Darkstar": It's an awesome brand that has become synonymous with quality and performance. From expertly designed small wheels to sturdy construction, an entire range of products is available for anyone looking to improve their game. Best of all, its price ranges from affordable to luxurious.

For beginners, the Darkstar Complete collection is one of the best on the market. It comes with a set of six premium-grade 7.5" x 50" wheels and a completely assembled board with grip tape, linings, and hardware. This is perfect for people who want to try out skateboarding but don't know where to start!

Intermediate to advanced level skaters will love the variety found in the Black Label series. These sets feature unique colors and graphics that are only available in certain sizes and shapes. For example, there are mini versions for those who prefer smaller boards and metal bolts for mounting accessories such as hats, magnets, and more.

Why are the Darkstar skateboard decks so good?

Most Darkstar Skateboard riders are drawn not only by the low pricing of the completes, but also by the fact that these boards provide excellent value for money. Skaters frequently claim that Darkstar develops decks that are highly robust and never break, and that they can withstand a hard grind. The looks of the boards are also quite popular - with names such as Time Bomb, Crackdown, and Vigilante being used by various artists.

Darkstar was founded in 2003 by Paul Rodriguez and Tore Rosvold. The company initially sold complete skates at very low prices, but later added other products such as wheels, boots, and accessories. Although the brand is relatively new, it has already managed to make an impact on the industry by providing some of the best value for money products. In addition, Darkstar owners enjoy free shipping on all orders over $39, which makes shopping for complete boards easy.

The first thing you will notice when looking at a Darkstar deck is its high quality construction. All boards are made from 7-ply maple with solid axles and non-slip rubber caps. Some versions may have additional layers such as carbon fiber or bamboo, but these options reduce the price of the board significantly. Each deck is hand painted and has a unique design, so no two boards are exactly the same.

Many riders say that the value of Darkstar boards comes from the fact that they last forever.

Are Walmart Darkstar Skateboards good?

Darkstar skateboards purchased from Walmart are untrustworthy. Take our word for it, but don't take our word for it. Famous skaters like Aaron Kyro and John Hill have confirmed the substandard quality of Walmart Darkstar boards. The wheels tend to come off after a few months of heavy use, the trucks break easily, and the overall experience is less than ideal.

Walmart sells these boards at a low price point with the promise of quality construction, but in reality they're just as likely to get thrown out by kids who can't handle their power (the average Darkstar board runs between $100 and $150). We recommend you buy a board that's designed for skating instead; there are lots of great options out there that will last you for years to come.

Also worth mentioning is that the Darkstar logo is printed on a piece of plastic that's attached to the bottom of each board. This isn't unusual for a skateboard company, but it does mean that if you hit something hard or fall down some stairs, you could be looking at having your board destroyed.

Finally, we should mention that some people enjoy shopping at Walmart because they find many products at discount prices, but others know that these boards aren't worth the money and refuse to buy them. If you fit into this second group, feel free to ignore this advice.

Are Darkstar Walmart boards good?

Darkstar completes are also available at Walmart. Darkstar boards are a good choice for beginners and are reasonably priced. They are at the same low price point as the knock-off toy skateboards but perform far better. If you come across a Darkstar board at Walmart, it might not be such a horrible idea to buy it. They seem like reliable boards and they feature important safety precautions such as two wheels instead of four. Also, since they are made by the same company that makes Skateboard USA, you know you are getting a high quality product.

The only thing about Darkstar boards that may cause you concern is their limited lifetime warranty. Since they are sold under another company's name, they may not get the same customer service as if they were actually called "Skateboard USA".

Overall, Darkstar boards are a good option for beginners who want to get involved in the skateboarding community without spending a lot of money. They are less expensive than most other professional-quality skateboards on the market and can be used as an entry level board because of this.

Do you think Darkstar skateboards are good wheels?

Having said that, many skaters believe Darkstar produces excellent wheels that, like the decks, can be utilized at higher levels of skating. After all, Darkstar began as a wheel manufacturer. One thing to keep in mind is that Darkstar completes offered at Wal-Mart should be avoided.

LO: is built for little wheels and gives greater stability for flip stunts (50-53mm wheel size recommended). MID: An excellent all-around profile for the street or park (53-56mm wheel size recommended). High-Perfect for cruising and carving, intended for large wheels (wheel size of 56mm or larger is suggested).

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